How To Sell Your Home Before Christmas

Published 18th November 2014

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This year has been one of the more exciting periods for the Lincolnshire and Rutland property market, and Stamford in particular has seen a distinct rise in house prices over the past twelve months.

But every year the property market quietens down during the run up to the festive period, as many people turn their attention to present shopping rather than property buying and selling. But if you need or have to sell your home in a hurry and dont want to wait until the New Year for a sale, what do you do? Talk to Sowden Wallis Estate Agents thats what! We dont slow down on the run up to Christmas- we work as hard for our vendors as we would at anytime of the year. As Stamfords newest Independent Estate Agent, we pride ourselves on being proactive and dynamic in the Stamford property market. Below are a few pointers if you are looking to market your property this side of the festive season.

Be realistic on price
Prices usually dip by between 2% and 5% during the festive period, so bear this in mind when considering what price to put your property on the market for. Although you may have to reduce your asking price a little to draw in potential buyers, a good home in a great location such as Stamford will always continue to attract interest at this time of year, albeit at a slower rate than the rest of the year.  Its true that fewer properties will come onto the market at this time of year. Most agents see this as a negative- not us!  That means there is less competition out there for your property.

Focus on a sale by making your house better than the rest
There tend to be fewer buyers around during the run up to Christmas, so its all hands to the pumps to ensure youre ready for any viewings. This means keeping your home looking at its best and, if possible, radically de-cluttering, so people viewing it can see as much of the space available as possible. Also, be flexible about viewings. It can be inconvenient but every viewing at this time of year is important. We offer a fully accompanied viewing service for all properties in Stamford and the surrounding area 7 days a week, so if you put your property on the market with Sowden Wallis you know the viewings are in safe hands.

Think about whos going to buy your home
Talk to your agent about who they consider to be the most likely buyer a family, retirees or first time buyers for example, and then think about your room usage accordingly. For example, if your agent thinks many of the buyers might be young affluent couples buying their first house (who will want to have dinner parties) then ensure your dining room looks like one, and has a table with chairs and even some cutlery. Home stage it a bit, as they say in the US. If it is more of a family home, make sure your agent is clued up on local schooling, bus routes, and activities for children nearby. We pride ourselves in knowing the Stamford and surrounding area like the back of our hands, so are able to advise buyers and sellers alike every step of the way.

Get ready for a speedy exchange
Talk to your solicitor so that should an offer be made and you accept it, your legal team are ready to pounce and have been pre-warned that ideally, youre aiming for an exchange before Christmas. Make sure paperwork is in place early, so that there are fewer things to hold up the process.


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