Searching For Your New Home in Stamford

Published 26th November 2014

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Searching for your new ideal home in or around the Stamford area can be a daunting prospect with property selling the day it hits the market or sometimes before it even does. So how do you get ahead of the game and find your ideal home before anyone else?

There are a few simple tricks to keep you ahead of the game as simply keeping an eye on Rightmove can leave you playing catch-up.

  • Have a clear definition of what you are looking for and in which area. Simply trying to keep an eye out for a complete bargain across a huge area and price range will leave your head spinning and mean estate agents cant really focus their search for you.

  • Putting a face to a name always helps and will may push you to the top of the call sheet as its always easier to remember a face than just an email, so go in and see estate agents face to face.

  • Produce a contact sheet with your name, address, contact details and what you are looking for, it will save you having to go through it every time you go into an estate agents.

  • Be prepared to view property at the drop of a hat even though it is not always easy with a busy life. Delaying a viewing by even a couple of days can put you down the pecking order.

  • Have two forms of ID and proof of funds with you. The reason for this if you can buy a property, as in you dont have to sell a property first, then an agent cant advise the seller to accept the offer until they have seen your proof of funds (proof that you can afford the amount you want to offer) and ID. By having this ready, if you do want to make an offer, it will reduce the time that another buyer has an opportunity to put another offer forward.

  • Know what position youre in. If you have a house to sell which doesnt have an offer on it then you are going to be behind someone who does have an offer on their house or a cash buyer. Putting yourself in the best position will help you get your dream property.


Above all else, keep in touch with the agents as they should be doing with you, this will keep them informed about your exact requirements and you informed about what they have coming onto their books, even before it hits Rightmove.

At Sowden Wallis there is another little tip that can help you stay ahead of the game, follow us on Twitter and you get a preview of properties coming onto the market before they hit Rightmove.




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