Published 10th March 2015

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At Sowden Wallis we dont just sell houses, we pride ourselves in matching buyers to houses as well.  I know this may sound ridiculous and you may think "well thats what you are supposed to do" but you would be surprised at how few agents actually practise this.  At present we witness agents just putting a house on the internet and waiting for the phone to ring, which seems to be a very unenthusiastic way of selling a house.  To this day whenever we get a new property onto the books to sell both myself and Tom get EXCITED.  And why not!  After all if you estate agent isnt passionate and excited about selling your home then quite frankly- how are potential purchasers supposed to be?


One of my favourite aspects when putting a house onto the market is having a chat with the vendors, after all they know the house better than anybody, so understanding their likes (and dislikes!) about their home allows us to build a true picture of what life is like there, information we can pass on to any new potential home owner, injecting some passion and excitement into the local Stamford property market.  We are not just Estate Agents....... we are property matchmakers


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