Are You Obsessed With Property?

Published 17th March 2015

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Here at Sowden Wallis we are all obseeseed with property, personally I have been since a very young age.  Whether its in Stamford or Timbuctoo, a studio flat or a country mansion I find all elements of property fascinating, as I said earlier- We're obsessed.  See below our top tips to see if you are as obsessed with property as we are.
  1. You head straight for the property section of the Sunday papers, discarding the other ins your wake. Armed with a red biro you outline your best buys.
  2. You calculate you spend more time talking to estate agents than talking to your own children.
  3. You are able to sniff out boxes in a supermarket, you can't see them but you know that perfect box to help you with your move is close by.
  4. If asked directions you find yourself navigating by estate agents or properties for sale rather than pubs and churches.
  5. When walking into a friends house for the first time you enquire about the number of bedrooms and if planning permission has been given for an extension, before asking them how they are. You then quiz them about local amenities and any flood risks
  6. You are on first name terms with your local estate agents and even some not so local, in fact you know any new staff members within weeks on them starting.
  7. You know which day the interest rates are announced and can give a reason why the inflation rate has effected the Bank of England's choice to raise or lower rates.
  8. You own all of Sarah Beeny's property books and have watched every episode of Location Location Location.
  9. A walk down your local high street takes three times as long as most peoples as you have to stop at every estate agent's window to look for that once in a lifetime bargain.
  10. You can now visualise square footage when listed in property details and know exactly how much you need, in factyou can calculate the square footage of a house just by looking at the front picture
  11. Your Internet bookmarks shudder under the weight of property websites
  12. When traveling to a new area you find yourself calculating the demographics and statistics, wondering if this could be your dream neighbourhood.
  13. The bulk of your email inbox is made up of property email alerts as you have set up so many requests with property search websites.


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