Funfraising For ICR..... By Running Five Marathons

Published 24th April 2015

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Last year I made it my mission to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research and decided to run a marathon.  This was laughed at by many, as the furthest id ever run before was three miles.  However the bar was set and the challenge was excepted.  Then, the bar rose when a friend commented to me that a marathon 'wasn't really that far' and 'maybe I should aim for something a little different', the London to Cambridge Ultra Marathon application was shortly afterwards submitted.

One thing led to another (and that bar just kept rising!) and my challenge for this year was set: Five marathons (as well as countless half marathons, 30k,10k and various other short distance runs).

However my mind was made up and training began.  It certainly wasn't easy, at times it was painful, others it was just plain old difficult.  I lost count of the amount of runs I completed in high winds, pouring ran and my personal favourite: Hail.

However last night my final run before my first marathon on the year was completed.... a short five mile at race pace around the beautiful town of Stamford.

This Sunday marks the first marathon for the year and I'm so proud that the first finish line I will cross will be at the Iconic London Marathon.

Throughout my training journey I have bee asked many times why I choose to complete this challenge (which has been described by more than one person as 'crazy'), the reason is simple.  In January 2014 my father sadly passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, he fought to the bitter end never giving up hope that he may one day beat this truly awful disease.  For him, this wasn't the case, however with every bit of money that is raised we come a small step close to beating cancer.

Any sponsorship for my crazy challenge is gratefully received: 


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