The Buying Process: A Guide For First Time Buyers

Published 2nd October 2015

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The Sowden Wallis step by step guide to buying a property

1: The most important bit

The most important step in buying a house is to take financial advice early, its important to understand what amount of money you can borrow so you know what value of house you can look for.

2: The slightly boring bit

The first step is to register your details with local estate agents so they can help you find a property, they can let you know as soon as a house hits the market rather than waiting for it to appear online. At Sowden Wallis we upload all of our Social Media accounts as well, a quick check of our twitter account could get you a few steps ahead of the game!

3: The fun bit looking at houses!

Now the fun starts! Try to be open minded- As you start to look at houses, you will soon realise what it is you really looking for, what the most important factors are in your search and the location thats most important to you

4: The scary but amazing bit

Once you've found your dream property you need to decide what you are willing to pay for it.  Take into consideration any fixtures and fittings you may want to purchase as make it a clear part of your offer. Once you have made your offer we will speak to the owner of the property to see if it is acceptable- we also put all offers in writing to both the purchaser and the owner.

5: The legal bit

You will require a Lawyer to handle the legal paperwork involved, this process is known as conveyancing. We can happily recommend you good local firm to you use.

6: The its starting to get real bit

Once your offer is accepted, you will need to formally apply for your mortgage. Written confirmation of mutual solicitors and finance arrangements will be sent out to all parties concerned.  You will then need to formally instruct your solicitor and arrange for a survey.

7: The lengthy bit

Your Conveyancer will request various searches on the property to establish the boundaries and local area.  They will also raise any queries on these results with the vendors solicitor.

8: The its getting close bit

Once all results of the searches and answers to enquiries have been received, the draft contract is approved by your solicitor. Once your mortgage offer is received you are ready to exchange contracts.

9: The almost there bit

The contract will be signed by both you and the seller, you will have to pay your 10% deposit and agree a date you wish for the house purchase to complete. Once an exchange of contacts has taken place the process is legally binding.

10: The most exciting bit

Completion day! Your mortgage monies will have been received by your solicitor and you can collect the keys.



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