Selling Your House? Dont' Wait For The New Year!

Published 19th December 2016

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Selling Your House? Dont Wait for the New Year!

If you're thinking of entering the property market, our advice is don't wait until the New Year! Many think that buyers stop looking at houses during the Christmas period but actually, from our experience, this is the time when people go online to search for a new home. 

What the Experts Say 
92% of Relocation Agent Network member estate agents, who responded to a December survey, recommend that prospective sellers go to market before the Christmas break. 

The key reasons identified from the survey were: 
1.Theres an increase in the number of people visiting online property websites during this time (as suggested by 50% of survey respondents). So once the dinner has been eaten and the tin of chocolates is being passed around, lots of people spend their time searching online for their dream home. 

2.Serious house hunters continue their search over the Christmas period (47% of survey respondents). Dont miss out on these group of home buyers by waiting until January 2017. 

Who Are Relocation Agent Network? 
A national network of estate agents, Relocation Agent Network is well placed to comment on all-things-property. Each of their members (including Sowden Wallis) has been handpicked and specially invited to join, after thorough checks identify them as the best estate agent to represent the Network in their local area. 

Thinking of Selling? 
As a selected member of Relocation Agent Network, weve already proven that our customer service is deemed to be the best in (in the Networks opinion). But if that isnt enough, through our membership, we can offer sellers a completely unique channel of buyer that no other estate agent in Stamford can provide. Visit to find out more.

Contact us today 01780 754737 to find out more. 


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