Top Tips For Selling Your Home

Published 20th October 2014

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Kerb appeal.

They say you can only make one "first impression," and people usually form their first impression within 30 seconds. The front of your house is a good place to spend a little extra time. Plant flowers, keep hedges neat, pick up leaves, repaint your front door, replace tarnished house numbers and make sure gutters and debris free.


Your home must sparkle! Spring Clean your house from top to bottom before putting on the market. Make sure your windows are clean inside and out too.


Got a dripping tap or a cracked tile? These will send the wrong message to potential buyers. Getting all problems fixed before you put your house on the market is a smart idea.

Eliminate Clutter.

This may be the hardest rule of all, We love our keepsakes - it reflects our memories, hobbies, and values. But it doesn't sell homes! Clutter makes homes seem smaller and disorganised


Neutral colours sell. It's a fact. Try to convey an image of quality and neutrality. Potential buyers walking through your home want to imagine themselves as the owners. If you use styles or colours they would never select, you've just turned them off. Stay high-quality, but neutral is safest.


We here at Sowden Wallis love animals, however not everybody does. Always keep your pets under control and try confining them to a specific area. Although you may love your pets, they can be off-putting to other people, and smells can be offensive, so make sure there are no lingering odours in furniture or flooring, and if there is, get them cleaned before you sell.

Define each area.

Buyers need to know what each room is for, so that they can decide where they will place their own items. Sell the lifestyle and you'll sell your house.


Check all your bulbs work, and areas that dont have natural light make sure lights are left on.


By using the right accessories, you can enhance your rooms and create a feeling of unity by using harmonious colours. Use mirrors to reflect light and space, and use plants and fresh flowers to bring life to rooms and add a natural fragrance.  





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